Freddy Plush


Freddy Fazbear is an animatronic bear that plays the role of the mascot at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. At the family pizzeria Freddy is the lead singer of his band, and loves to give out a hearty laugh for the kids!


Official Hex x FNaF Freddy Plush

  • Magnetic limbs (12 Magnets)
  • Microphone accessory
  • 100% Polyester 
  • Approximately 14.5″ tall
  • Ages 6+
  • Freddy Collector Card Included
  • Plush Fabric Bag Included

Please note the Hex x FNaF Plush orders will begin to ship first week of May 2022.

Hex products purchased with the Hex x FNaF plush will ship together at the same time.


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